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Talent Management, Music Label and a Touch of Magic

Within the EXIT Echosystem platform, we implement a 360° management strategy, providing artists with comprehensive support.

Our primary aim is to convey the core values and unique spirit of EXIT, with a strong emphasis on social responsibility.

DJ Lanna

EXIT Echosystem First and Brightest Rising Star: Lanna

EXIT wasted no time in identifying its inaugural rising star, Lanna, and is fully committed to cultivating her immense potential.

Beyond sculpting Lanna’s trajectory toward stardom, EXIT harbors ambitious intentions to unveil and bolster other budding talents in the near future.

The inclusion of Lanna in the esteemed roster of the internationally renowned talent agency CAA and its music agent Maria May, serves as compelling validation of EXIT’s collaborative prowess.

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EXIT Soundscape

Discover EXIT Soundscape, an integral part of the EXIT Echosystem. We’re your gateway to an unparalleled musical experience.

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EXIT R:Evolution

Conscious Music Sublabel

With a profound recognition of the transcendental power that music holds, this visionary sublabel brings forth not only Conscious Music but also Healing Music, High Vibrations Music, and Meditative Music, along with an exciting combination of traditional and electronic streams.

EXIT R:Evolution Releases

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Talent MGMT

A launchpad for emerging talents, paving their way to global stardom, while fostering a nurturing environment that encourages their growth and success through expert talent management.


A trusted hub where planetary hits are born, meticulously crafted to resonate with global audiences and leave an indelible mark in the music industry.


Nurturing and channeling EXIT core values – peace, love, freedom, unity, and music as a catalyst for positive social transformation. By embracing these values, we embark on a collective journey towards tapping into the unknown, discovering new dimensions of growth and vast potential!

Expanding Our Presence In the Music Industry

Thanks to its well-established presence in the global festival industry and its strong connections with top music agencies and globally acclaimed artists, EXIT has been instrumental in kickstarting the international careers of numerous up-and-coming artists. With this in mind, establishing a comprehensive hub for nurturing musical talent was a natural and strategic progression.

The Music & Talent Office within the EXIT Echosystem was established with a resolute mission: to provide comprehensive support and a dynamic platform for exceptionally gifted musicians, both locally and globally, to pave their way to triumphant careers on an international level.

Our multifaceted support encompasses a range of vital services, including label representation, artist management, booking facilitation, mentoring, and the unique prospect to collaborate with esteemed international music luminaries and agencies.

For emerging artists, this signifies joining the expansive EXIT family via the EXIT Music & Talent Office. This journey offers them the opportunity to etch their presence onto the global music landscape with the proficient guidance and backing of seasoned experts within the music and festival industry. Our dedication revolves around empowering young talents to shatter barriers and thrive.

In 2019, this emerging artist made her debut on EXIT Festival’s AS FM Stage, establishing herself as the youngest prodigy to join the EXIT family at the tender age of thirteen. Fast-forward two years, and she graced the celebrated NSNS stage. In another two years, she ascended to the grandeur of the colossal mts Dance Arena, marking her inaugural appearance on this monumental stage.

May 2023 saw Lanna seize an exhilarating opportunity to headline the Croatian Sea Star Festival, following a stellar performance by the prominent psytechno star, Indira Paganotto. She enthralled thousands of fans, keeping them grooving into the early morning at the Tesla Main Stage. Prior to this, she inaugurated the sensational EXIT Dance Arena Belgrade Takeover event, sharing the limelight with the esteemed artist, Paul Kalkbrenner.

Another remarkable milestone in her journey to stardom transpired when she participated in a distinctive all-female concept at the mts Dance Arena during the opening night of the EXIT festival 2023.

On this extraordinary occasion, she shared the stage with some of the most influential women in the global electronic music scene, including Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, and Indira Paganotto.

To keep the excitement alive and the music flowing, EXIT Soundscape commits to delivering fresh releases every month, ensuring a constant stream of musical innovation.

This approach helps to maintain audience engagement and enthusiasm for the label’s offerings.

EXIT unveiled its record label, EXIT Soundscape, as a pivotal component of the Echosystem initiative.

Shortly after the label’s inception, it wasted no time in making its mark with a series of impactful releases.

Notably, the accomplished producer, Space Motion, joined forces with EXIT to unveil the track “Universe,” a collaborative effort featuring the American singer JES, which graced the music scene on September 1.

Building on this momentum, Human Rias & ANDATA, featuring EZLN, introduced their single “I Can Feel You” on October 12.

New releases are expected to hit the streaming platforms every month.

Following the establishment of EXIT Echosystem Music & Talent Office and its record label, EXIT Festival proudly unveils a sublabel dedicated to Conscious Music.

With a profound recognition of the transcendental power that music holds, this visionary sublabel brings forth not only Conscious Music but also Healing Music, High Vibrations Music, and Meditative Music, along with an exciting combination of traditional and electronic streams.

The songs on this unique platform will be created to uplift the spirit, elevate vibrations, and cultivate an atmosphere of peace, love, transformative healing, joy, and universal acceptance. All the songs are intended to resonate with open-hearted and free-spirited souls.

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